STEMMONS Ad-Hoc Project

Ad-Hoc Project

Most projects and processes within a company are continuous and will repeat themselves. Often times an employee will have the need to manage and track progress of a project that does not quite relate to a usual Company process, thus an Ad Hoc project case is created. These projects usually do no relate to entities quest or other cases, they are often used as a call to action from another employee or group and once completed, the case is closed and no further action is taken.

User Experience:

  • Case is created requesting  an action or project be completed and is assigned to a specific employee
  • Instructions on how to proceed with completing action or beginning project are consulted in Standards
  • Other employees involved with the project are included in the collaboration with everything revolving around the case
  • Any action or document involved with the project is documented within the case
  • Progress of the case is reported on and can be tracked in FACTS

Functional Setup:

  • Ad Hoc project case type must be created
  • Instructions and procedure for each action or project must be created and documented in Standards or included within the case
  • Employees who are to be involved must be associated by role to a specific team or department if applicable
  • Report must be created to track the progress of the project for managers to review

Best Practices:

  • If a simple task is assigned, instructions can be provided within the case for the assignee to complete
  • If a larger project is assigned, at least procedures on how to begin the project must be documented in Standards
  • Employee assigned the project may consult with other employees that may have completed similar task or projects in the past for suggestions on how to begin process

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