BEST Application

BEST is a program to establish, implement, measure and report on energy systems and policies to manage a property with reduced operating costs, increased useful building lifetime and significant improvement in property value. The system has precise standards specific to how a building should operate in order to be as efficient as possible. By measuring the building's efficiency through audits and scoring it by comparison to those specific standards, opportunities for improvement present themselves. These improvement are then managed through Stemmons Central to ensure that they are accomplished, thus improving the building's overall efficiency while reducing cost.

User Experience:

  • CAST creates a case periodically for BEST inspectors to complete an audit of a building
  • Quest form is used as a scoring sheet while documenting results of the BEST audit
  • Inspection results are compared with specified Standards of efficiency and operation
  • Any results that do not meet standards will automatically create an intervention case in order for that standards to be met
  • Simultaneously, Current utility usage along with history of past consumption and weather data, is consolidated in a Utility Consumption Report which is analyzed on a daily basis
  • If an anomaly in the data is detected, the source is identified and an intervention case is created to resolve problem
  • All intervention cases are tracked and their progress can be displayed by building or by intervention type

Functional Setup:

  • CAST must be configured to create case for BEST audit at a specified time
  • BEST inspectors must be associated by role and with their respective buildings
  • Building operating standards for efficiency and usage must be created and well documented within Standards
  • Intervention case type must be created, including the intervention category to facilitate assigning of case to correct employee
  • Master Utility Consumption Report must be created
  • BEST Intervention Tracker Report must be created 

Best Practices:

  • Audit schedule for buildings should be divided quarterly in order to avoid a single surge of intervention cases created
  • Ensure all data used in Consumption reports is good data to avoid false anomalies
  • BEST application process should be approached as a discipline in order to ensure entire process is fully executed every time
  • Ensure BEST inspectors are physically inspecting every item in the BEST audit for this will determine the buildings score at the end of the inspection
  • Request that building tenants provide notice if there is to be an expected over/under consumption, that way the energy and sustainability department will expect the anomaly and avoid an unnecessary case being created

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