STEMMONS Boxer Central Feedback

Boxer Central Feedback

Users of Boxer Central will often have questions, requests or suggestions having to do with their experience while using the system. When a user would like to provide some feedback about the system a case is created. This case then gets routed in the correct direction in order for the comment to be noted or the issue resolved.

User Experience:

  • User creates a case and makes not of their issue or comment within the case
  • Case is automatically assigned to the Feedback Hopper where analyst will re-assign case accordingly
  • Employee who receives case will consult Standards for proper procedure on how to resolve case
  • Action is taken to resolve case 

Functional Setup:

  • Feedback case type must be created
  • Hopper manager must be associated with the feedback hopper
  • Instructions adn procedures on how to approach certain cases should be created and documented in standards

Best Practices:

  • Hopper manager should filter through feedback cases to avoid duplicate cases from being created
  • Hopper manager should be familiar with employees capabilities in order to ensure each case is assigned to the appropriate employee

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