Creation and management of a budget for a property takes various members of a company to keep on track. By utilizing central as a collaboration tool a budget for a particular property can be reviewed by multiple parties and therefore has a less chance for error. The budget will be created by the financial sector in the company and reviewed by operations, accounting, construction and asset managers. With everyone's input and revisions the budget can be finalized and stored within central for future reference.

User Experience:

  • Case is created in order to track the completion of an annual property budget and assigned to financial analyst
  • Analyst consults Standards for proper procedure and suggestions on how to create budget report
  • Analyst refers to other property budgets or past budgets in order to aid in the completion of the newest budget
  • Once created, analyst assigns to asset manager for review
  • Case is circulated between department managers including operations, accounting, construction and asset managers in order to suggest appropriate changes until all approve on budget
  • If property is owned by a 3rd party landlord, landlord will be included in the approval process
  • Once approved, analyst is assigned case again to document budget in the appropriate location
  • Analyst consults Standards on how to proceed with the documentation of budget
  • Budget is stored within Entities and associated with the property for future reference

Functional Setup:

  • Budget case type must be created
  • Department managers mus be defined by role in Departments
  • Instructions and procedures on how to create and document finished budget must be created and documented within standards
  • Entity type for budgets and properties must be created and associations made

Best Practices:

  • Analyst should gather as much information as possible before submitting budget for approval, thus reducing the chance of changes being requested by managers
  • Other property budgets used for comparison should be of similar traits and location in order for the data to be relevant
  • Ensure that budget includes any relevant future expenses such as necessary cinstruction improvements or equipment updates

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