STEMMONS Business Card Contact Capture

Business Card Contact Capture

In order for a company to have a complete record of all of its contacts it requires participation from most, if not all, of its employees to provide and update the information. By utilizing Central, the process of adding new contacts into the system becomes as easy as taking a picture with their mobile device, emailing it, and forgetting about it. By simplifying the process, the probability of business cards getting lost before contact is registered in the system is greatly diminished.

User Experience:

  • Instructions for how to capture image and send it to the correct address are in Standards
  • Image of business card is captured on mobile device and emailed as attachment to specific email (i.e.
  • Case is generated and assigned to a hopper
  • Analysts take ownership of cases to capture contact information and add to Entities
  • Contact information is registered in Entities
  • If requested, a follow up case can also be created and assigned to the person who sent in the card

Functional Setup:

  • Standards for how to capture and send card image along with steps on how to enter records into Entities must be created and documented
  • Card capture case type must be assigned or created
  • Specific email address must be configured to create card capture the case type desired
  • Contact Entity type must be created
  • Card capture Hopper must be created and analyst subscribed to it
  • Follow up case type must be created and include a contact field as an external datasource

Best Practices:

  • Analyst entering the information must be very careful of not making a spelling or information mistakes, the contact information that is entered into Entities will be referenced at various situations.
  • If a contact is to be associated to a another Entity (i.e. Company, job, project, etc..), the user may make a note of that when emailing the image of the card to the specific email
  • If desired multiple card images may be attached to one email, this will create a single case with all images included in it

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