STEMMONS Client Lunch/Dinner Planning

Client Lunch/Dinner Planning

Setting up a client lunch can be complex, especially for VIP clients. By utilizing Quest to ensure all action items are executed and Cases to carry out communications around said items, the planning becomes smoother. To track progress of items holistically, FACTS can house relevant reports. 

User Experience:

  • Director will create and assign case requesting that the meal meeting be planned.
  • Quest form containing all items that are required in the plan is created.
  • Quest form generates Cases depending on each line item in the plan and are assigned to the correct people.
  • Person assigned a task will look in Standards for proper procedure on how to accomplish their task.
  • Track status of Cases with reports by client, meal description, case status, due date, etc. 

Functional Setup:

  • Create Quest form that will cover all needs for the meal.
  • Create instructions for every aspect of the planning process.
  • Configure reports to keep track of which Cases have been done and which need attention in regards to time frame. 

Best Practices:

  • Proper documentation of company expectations in Standards will ensure that the meal plans will meet expectations.
  • A standardized and thorough Quest form created will result in every detail being taken care of.
  • Having a list of predetermined options for dinner or lunch locations will reduce the possibility of last minute reservations.
  • Having a good relationship with various restaurants and venues will ensure that the reservation process and experience are positive. 

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