STEMMONS Client On-Boarding

Client On-Boarding

Client on-boarding will involve many people in order to successfully register the new client into the company's portfolio. Cases will be used to notify administrators of new clients and who they should be associated with . These clients will be housed in Entities while the employees and their roles will be in Departments. Finally, Quest will serve as a case launcher in order to assign cases to the correct people in the on-boarding process. 

User Experience:

  • Case is created in order to begin the on-boarding process 
  • Company's standard procedure for on-boarding new clients is found in Standards 
  • Create new client Entities and Entity types where applicable (i.e.; client contacts and locations) 
  • Associate new client with internal employees responsible for them by Role 
  • Use a Quest form in order to generate and assign multiple cases to different people based on information input 
  • Quest serves as Case launcher 
  • Employees required to do tasks for on-boarding client will be assigned tasks 

Functional Setup:

  • Create Entity types and Entities for New client 
  • Associate employees by Department and Role who will be responsible for the on-boarding process 
  • Determine different tasks that must be completed when on-boarding new client and configure Quest form 
  • Company's proper procedure for on-boarding new clients should be documented in Standards 

Best Practices:

  • Consistency in documentation of proper company procedures will ensure that the on-boarding process is completed in a timely manner and nothing is missing 
  • A well thought out Quest form needs to be created which involves any and every aspect of the on-boarding process 
  • Proper role assignments must be created or updated within Departments in order to associate the new client with its respective company employee 
  • New client information must be created and continuously updated within Entities 
  • Supervisors must keep track of the on-boarding process and ensure that everything is getting accomplished in a timely manner 

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