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Company Website

Changes are often made to a company's website, whether it be an error noticed by a user or an update to the look and feel of the website. Central allows these requests to be documented and assigned to the correct person in order to address these issues as quickly as possible and therefore maintaining a professional appearance.

User Experience:

  • Case is created with the changes to be made to the website and automatically gets aasigned to the marketing Hopper
  • Marketing Hopper manager will assign case to employee responsible for making website adjustments
  • Employee reviews Standards for proper procedure on ho to apply changes to website
  • Action is performed and case is closed

Functional Setup:

  • Company Website case type must be created
  • Marketing Hopper must be created and associated with the case type
  • Employee must be associated as a hopper manager in Departments
  • Instructions and procedures for how to make changes to the company website must be created and documented within Standards

Best Practices:

  • Ensure Hopper manager is aware of those employees that have the capabilities and access to make changes to the website
  • If it is to be a major change, an approval process must be included before any changes are made

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