STEMMONS Conference Room Reservations

Conference Room Reservations

Tenants working in a collaborative work environment usually share common conference rooms with other tenants in a building. Conference room reservation can become a real problem if employees are unorganized and a procedure is not set in place. By centralizing all the information and standardizing a procedure to follow, the chance of double booking a conference room is reduced or eliminated.

User Experience:

  • Tenants request a reservation of a conference room via a web portal
  • Case is generated and assigned to property manager at that property
  • Property manager consults available openings for conference room in a report
  • If available the reservation is made and tenant's booking is confirmed

Functional Setup:

  • Web portal must be configured to create and assign a case based on property
  • Room reservation case type must be created
  • Report which displays the current room reservations and available ones must be created

Best Practices:

  • Ensure tenant must provide contact information in order to be contacted with confirmation or alternate time suggestion
  • Report should be made so that available rooms and their times are displayed quickly in order to have a decision quickly


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