STEMMONS Connectivity Service Initiation

Connectivity Service Initiation

There are situations, such as new employee on-boarding or relocation, when a new connection to the network or some equipment connection is necessary. By assigning tasks and filling out a Quest form this process is accomplished smoothly and efficiently. 

User Experience:

  • Case is assigned to IT Hopper requesting for a new connection to be made
  • Link to instructions as well as Connectivity Guidelines in Standards is included in the case
  • Capturing which actions are necessary for the new connection are outlined in Quest Form
  • Action items for new connectivity are assigned out to roper personnel from Quest
  • One of the tasks will be to log information about the connections in Entities
  • Connectivity Service Report will display information around connectivity task progress, any associated customer help requests, and basic information about the connection defined in Entities

Functional Setup:

  • Create Entity types and related meta-data fields
  • Key concepts include: application, application contract, license end date, license count, vendor, etc
  • Associate Connectivity Roles to Employees
  • Create form types for connectivity requirements with applicable questions with form
  • Create IT Help Desk Case type, if not already done so
  • Write instructions for connectivity Setup Personnel in Standards
  • Configure Connectivity Report to pull information from Cases and Entities

Best Practices:

  • Service requirements can be documented within Standards to describe the business requirements for associated services. For example, a new Wi-Fi service account for a business location could have certain cost thresholds, speed requirements, etc 
  • When setting up service account structure in Entities be mindful of hierarchical relationship for reporting capabilities
  • Other levels of automation could include a system generated report sent to decision-maker, some report examples include: Monthly account expirations or Total cost per vendor/Cost per location

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