STEMMONS Construction Project

Construction Project

The management of an entire construction project involves many aspects including planning, approval, execution, monitoring and completion. Keeping the entire process within a time frame and budget takes hard work and organization by project managers. By utilizing Central, project managers can keep a close eye on every step of the construction process. Within each project case, every step involved with the process is documented therefore allowing anyone to go back and review any part of the procedure. Consolidating all information and procedures in Central allows project manager to track the progress of one, or all, of their projects at any time.

User Experience:

  • Case is created requesting a construction change be made and assigned to Space Planning Hopper
  • Space Planning employee takes ownership of case and reviews instructions in Standards on how to proceed
  • Space planning employee creates and assigns various cases in accordance to procedures in Standards in order to create construction project design
  • Once design is finalized it is consolidated in a report and sent for approval
  • Construction plan is reviewed by the requester and approved or sent back to planning team to make changes
  • Accounting department reviews financial analysis for the construction projects and confirms funds are available or suggests changes be made and returned to planning team
  • Management reviews entire project plan and gives final approval or sends back to make changes
  • Once approved, case is assigned to construction Hopper
  • Construction Employee takes ownership and consults procedure to follow in Standards
  • Quest form is used in order to kick off multiple cases necessary for the construction to be completed
  • All progress of the project is reported on and can be tracked 

Functional Setup:

  • Construction case type and Hopper must be created, along with a Space Planning Hopper
  • Instructions and procedures for Space planning adn design process must be created and documented in Standards
  • Instructions and procedures for initiating the construction process must be created and documented in Standards
  • Reports must be created in order to display the final design plans
  • Financial market analysis reports must be created for accounting and management to review and make decisions on moving forward with project
  • Quest form must be configured in order to launch all cases necessary to initiate a construction project
  • Report must be created which tracks all progress and activity of each or all construction project

Best Practices:

  • Standards which are the basis for approval should be included in Standards in order for the planning department to consider when designing, thus promoting a quicker turnaround for approvals
  • Consider revising quest form to be used as a case launcher be revised on a regular basis and make changes on it as necessary to improve productivity

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