STEMMONS Contract Expiration Notice

Contract Expiration Notice

Whenever an agreement or contract is executed and signed, part of the closing process should be to set a recurring reminder for when the contract will expire. Whenever a contract is signed and filed, the expiration date is noted. Using this date an automatic case will be generated as a reminder to the person responsible to take action and renew contract or take other necessary action.

User Experience:

  • Contract is signed and expiration date is noted
  • CAST is configured to create a case a number of days prior to expiration date
  • Case is assigned to person responsible for taking action prior to expiration
  • Contract is renewed or other necessary action is taken
  • Documents are stored in Entities and associated with the employee responsible for the document

Functional Setup:

  • CAST must be configured to create case at specified time
  • Contract expiration case type must be created
  • Entity type for contract or agreement must be created 
  • Each document stored in Entities must be associated with the employee responsible for that document

Best Practices:

  • Employee responsible for document with upcoming expiration must consult with managers to verify if contract or agreement should be renewed
  • If Contract is renewed, ensure that a new CAST is configured to create a case before the new expiration date
  • This should be done to every contract and agreement that has an expiration date

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