STEMMONS Customer Review

Customer Review

Whenever a review, comment or concern is published about the company, analyst gather the information and create a case if they believe that action is necessary. Employee responsible will investigate issue and do their best to resolve and respond to the issue in a timely manner.

User Experience:

  • Marketing analysts search for company reviews online
  • When a review is published involving a concern, request or complaint a Case is created
  • The Case is assigned to the person responsible for resolving issue
  • Responsible employee takes action necessary to resolve issue

Functional Setup:

  • Customer review cae type must be created
  • Employees must be associated with certain areas of the company in order to address particular issues (i.e. sales, market region, front desk staff)

Best Practices:

  • Marketing analysts should have a routine are where they check for customer reviews
  • If reviews are constantly involving the same business area or concern, a larger project must be had in order to avoid these issues altogether

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