STEMMONS Expense Reporting and Reimbursement

Expense Reporting and Reimbursement

Business and travel expenses within a company are very common. The process of employees getting appropriate travel funds or reimbursement can be tracked with Central. From the moment they report their expenses to the when the amount is reimbursed if that is the case.

User Experience:

  • Employees with a company credit card use mobile device to capture picture of purchase receipt
  • That is emailed to a specified email address that automatically creates a Case for accounting
  • Non credit card holders will receive a recurring case assigned to them to submit their expense reports
  • Procedure on how to submit a proper expense report is in Standards
  • Report is submitted by assigning case to accounting Hopper
  • If expense is greater than specific amount it will be assigned to supervisor for approval
  • once approved, if applicable, case is assigned to accounting to reimburse employee
  • Funds are directly deposited into employee's bank account
  • Spending information can be consolidated in spending reports for analysis

Functional Setup:

  • Case types for accounting and expenses must be created along with email associated with accounting Hopper
  • Accounting Hopper must be created and hopper manager assigned
  • Employees and their roles must be registered in standards along with their Credit card assigned to them
  • Hopper managers must be assigned in Departments
  • Configure reports to consolidate spending for analysis

Best Practices:

  • Images captured must be clear
  • Employees should double check their expense report for any errors to avoid delay
  • Turning in report in a timely manner properly will result in faster processing
  • Managers can view spending reports and coordinate adjustments with their employees if necessary

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