STEMMONS Hotel AP General

Hotel AP General

Daily hotel operations involve many employees and vendors. Due to this, keeping very tight control of business expenses is very important in order to make sure all employees are being paid for their time and vendors are paid on time. Central serves as an account payable tasks manager allowing analysts reviewing accounting information to report any irregularity to managers in order to identify error and correct.

User Experience:

  • CAST creates recurring cases requesting that analysts analyze hotel accounting processes
  • Cases are assigned to analysts to review account processes for any missing information or irregularities
  • Analyst consults instructions in Standards for proper procedure to review hotel account information
  • Analysts consult reports displaying various hotel account activity in order to identify any missing information or irregularities
  • If any irregularities or missing information is identified, analyst creates a case and assigns to manager or other department in order to inform or request any necessary information that may be missing

Functional Setup:

  • CAST must be configured in order to periodically create and assign cases to analysts for review
  • AP review case type must be created
  • Instructions for the proper company process of reviewing account activity must be created and documented in Standards
  • Reports must be created displaying the hotel account activity 
  • Manager and hotel staff must be associated to their particular location in Departments

Best Practices:

  • Hotel account activity should be displayed in a format which makes it easy for analysts to quickly identify irregularities or lack of information
  • It is beneficial to assign account review cases to analysts regarding accounts that they have previously reviewed, this way they are familiar with the account reports and can identify any issues more quickly

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