STEMMONS Hotel Reservation- Special

Hotel Reservation- Special

Companies tend to extend certain benefits to their employees such as company concert tickets or discounts on certain products or services. When a company has a business partnership with a hotel there are special rates available to employees and clients of that company. In order to facilitate creation of special rate reservations for the hotel, Central will consolidate all reservation requests to a reservation coordinator. This person will tend to each request checking availability and confirming reservations, thus preventing an overload of work and reservation requests getting lost.

User Experience:

  • Company employees create case internally and assign to reservations coordinator
  • Company clients who do not have access to system will access a web form on the Company website to request reservation
  • Cases are assigned to reservations coordinator for booking, if approval is needed case will be assigned to manager for approval
  • Manager reviews Company Standards in order to make decision to approve request
  • Once approved case is reassigned to reservations coordinator who consults Standards for proper procedure on how to proceed with reservation process
  • Availability is confirmed with hotel and reservation booked
  • Reservation confirmation is documented in the case and assigned back to employee 
  • For external users (Clients), reservation confirmation will be emailed to them

Functional Setup:

  • Hotel reservation case type must be created
  • Web form for external users to request reservation must be added to the website and configured to generate case
  • Instructions and procedures for booking process along with approval parameters for manager to review must be created and documented in Standards
  • Reservation request hopper must be created and reservations coordinator assigned to it as manager
  • Hotel Contact Entity type must be created to store hotel contact information

Best Practices:

  • External users must provide contact information when requesting reservation.
  • Reservations coordinator must ensure that external users are current clients of the Company
  • Requesters stand a better chance for approval if dates requested are not within a peak season
  • Employees should have days off approved before requesting reservation
  • If an event reservation is to be made for groups of 10+, it is suggested to request reservation with ample time before event

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