STEMMONS Hotel Room Inspection

Hotel Room Inspection

Hotel rooms are constantly being cleaned and prepared for the next guest. Ensuring that everything that needs to be completed before the next guest arrives is critical for the operations of a hotel. Central manages this inspection process and assigns cases where action may be needed in order to ensure a comfortable stay for all incoming guests.

User Experience:

  • Guest checks out
  • Front desk creates a case for room make ready and inspection adn assigns to housekeeping
  • Housekeeping employees consult instruction on proper make ready procedure and how to complete room inspection
  • Housekeeping employees clean and make room ready while performing room inspection using Quest form as checklist
  • If any items were taken by guest and replaced by housekeeping, Quest form creates a case for front desk to charge guest
  • If any repairs is needed in the room, Quest form will create case to resolve for maintenance
  • Room is ready for next guest, front desk adds to available room inventory
  • Periodically, CAST creates case for supervisor to complete more detailed inspection of rooms
  • Supervisor consults instructions on how to perform Supervisor Housekeeping Inspection
  • Quest form is used to conduct Supervisor inspection
  • Quest results are reported for supervisor to review employee performance
  • If anything does not meet Company Standards, cases are created in order to do so

Functional Setup:

  • Case types for room make ready and inspection, along with guest repair and guest charge must be created
  • Instructions on how to perform room make ready inspection and Housekeeping supervisor inspection must be created and documented in Standards
  • Quest form for room and supervisor inspection must be created 
  • CAST must be configured in order to run at a certain time interval per room
  • Hotel floors and room numbers must be created and associated within entities
  • Housekeepers and supervisors must be associated by role in Departments

Best Practices:

  • Ensure room inspectionchecklist includes housekeeprs primary language in order to avoid misunderstanding
  • Supervisors can analyze which items are taken from room more than other in order to ensure proper supply of said items, and less of others
  • CAST for Supervisor inspections should be spread out throughout the month/year in order to avoid supervisor having to inspect all rooms in one day and an overload of maintenance cases created because of it
  • Similar quest forms can be created for inspection of lobby, bar, restaurant, pool area, etc

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