STEMMONS Incident Reporting and Prevention

Incident Reporting and Prevention

In order to prevent incidents within a company, preventative maintenance is necessary. Cast will periodically launch a case for an employee to complete a checklist in order to asses if any changes or adjustments are necessary. Incidents do occur, and when they do a certain procedure must be followed in order to report said incident thoroughly and launch cases in order to fix any problems that might have caused said incident.

User Experience:

  • A case is created and assigned to the responsible incident response team
  • Case will include a link to instructions on how to proceed after there has been an incident and how to report on it
  • Quest is used as a checklist in order to investigate the cause of the incident
  • The information from Quest is gathered and reported
  • Depending on the report and incident investigation results, new cases might be assigned
  • Quest can also be used as an inspection in order to launch preventative maintenance cases so that future incidents are avoided
  • Cast is programmed to launch preventative cases at a set time each period
  • Cases are assigned if any preventative maintenance or repair is necessary

Functional Setup:

  • Case types for incident response and preventative maintenance must be created
  • Instructions on company best practices for incidents and follow up procedures must be well documented in Standards
  • Quest forms must be created both for incident investigation and for preventative inspections
  • Create report in order to consolidate information from Incident investigation

Best Practices:

  • Ensure proper company procedure is the event of an incident are documented
  • Ensure if there is a medical emergency to have trained personnel on staff
  • Each department within a company must have their specific incidents that they need to monitor on a regular basis
  • It is very important that managers are constantly checking to make sure that preventative measures are being implemented in order to try and avoid incidents altogether

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