STEMMONS Lease Approval

Lease Approval

Whenever there is to be a new tenant or a tenant wants to renew their lease, the leasing manager must revise the terms and approve before proceeding. Leasing representative will gather information about the new or renewing lease and receive approval from managers before moving forward with any changes.

User Experience:

  • Lease representative noted new or renewing lease terms in a case and assigns to leasing manager
  • leassing manager reviews current market pricing and compared to other leases before decididng on approval
  • If approved the leasing represenative will begin the contract process
  • If denied, case will be reassigned to representative for them to make changes to renegotiate terms and submit for approval again

Functional Setup:

  • Lease approval case type must be created
  • Market analysis report for leasing manager must be created
  • Managers and representatives must be associated by role and market area in Departments

Best Practices:

  • Respresentative should do some initial research on the market pricing in order to increase the probability of the terms being approved by manager
  • Managers should keep track of the representatives who constantly submit requests that are not approved in order to guide them on some of the market traits they should look for when proposing terms

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