STEMMONS Lease Audit

Lease Audit

Recurring audits of lease agreements are assigned to employees. Whenever they find that there is a mistake in the document or a tenant point an issue out, a case is created in order for it to be corrected.

User Experience:

  • CAST runs a recurring case for analysts to revise lease agreements for any errors they may have
  • If analyst finds errors they assign case to employee responsible for documentation for them to make changes
  • Concurrently, if  a tenant notices an error on their agreement they may request for te change to be made
  • Document errors are corrected
  • Document is stored back in Entities

Functional Setup:

  • CAST must be configured to run at a designated point in time to inspect docuements
  • Lease audit case type must be created
  • Employees responsible for documentation must be associated with their respective documents in Departments
  • Entity type for lease agreement storage must be created

Best Practices:

  • Recurring analysis should happen shortly after lease agreement is created in order to catch errors from the beginning
  • Ideally it is better for leasing company to catch errors before the tenant notices there are any to begin with

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