STEMMONS Maintenance Request Management

Maintenance Request Management

Maintenance request in the workplace becomes redefined when using Stemmons Central. A request is sent to the appropriate person, all communications are documented and a response time track can be created in order to improve employee training if necessary. 

User Experience:

  • Case is assigned to maintenance person to complete task.
  • Information is provided on which location, item, or person the task is to be performed around.
  • Instructions on how to perform maintenance task in alignment with company standards are located here.
  • The item and location the task is being performed on has a page in Entities.
  • Employees can look at said Entity page to see maintenance history.
  • Maintenance report captures who performed tasks, how long it took, if successful, tasks that are overdue and so on. 

Functional Setup:

  • Configure maintenance Case type and set up Hopper to ensure no Case goes unassigned.
  • Create instructions for the maintenance department to perform tasks.
  • Create Entity types for all locations and company materials.
  • Establish a relationship between locations and materials.
  • Design report to capture information around maintenance task tracking.
  • Connect this report to Cases as well as Entities. 

Best Practices:

  • Creating a Hopper and assigning an employee to look over that Hopper enables case creation for when an exact “role” or “employee” is unavailable, the case can be directed to the correct location and later assigned.
  • Documenting how to carry out maintenance tasks within a company ensures the tasks are going to be done the same way every time.
  • With this level of consistency you can ensure a certain level of assurance when items are repaired throughout a company. 

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