STEMMONS Marketing Help Desk

Marketing Help Desk

Employees within a company often have questions or requests for the Marketing department of their company. A Help Desk for the Marketing department can be set up in central so that all marketing related inquiries are directed to a Hopper and assigned to the best person to provide results.

User Experience:

  • Employee that has a marketing related question or request will create a Help Desk case and assign it to the Marketing Hopper
  • Cases can be created in multiple ways, including email, web form, Quest form, or as a direct case
  • Hopper Owner will assign case to appropriate Marketing employee, or employees will claim cases if working as a group
  • Marketing employee will consult standards to determine how to fulfill request
  • Employee follows procedure, completes the task/request and closes the case
  • If additional action is necessary from another team member  to fulfill request, case will be assigned to them to assist

Functional Setup:

  • Marketing Help Desk Case along with Marketing Hopper must be created
  • A Marketing employee must be assigned as the Hopper owner
  • Instructions and procedures on how to accomplish various Marketing tasks must be created and documented in Standards 

Best Practices:

  • The employee that is to be assigned to be the Hopper owner should be very familiar with Marketing processes and which employees are best to complete them
  • Include categories in the Help Desk case type to facilitate the reassignment process for the Hopper Owner to select the appropriate employee to complete task

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