STEMMONS Onboarding New Employee

Onboarding New Employee

Central can provide an easy solution for organizing and assigning tasks in order to expedite the on-boarding process of a new employee. Cases initiate on-boarding request, company on-boarding best practices are defined in Standards, Quest is used as a case launcher to initiate required on-boarding tasks by different parties. 

User Experience:

  • On-boarding case initiated
  • Case assigned to hiring manager
  • Hiring manager enters new employee information in Departments
  • Including Supervisor, Role, Location, Approval Authority, etc
  • Assign Case to new hire's supervisor as they know best what their future employee will require
  • Case includes a link to instructions related to On-boarding Case
  • Hiring Manager reads the instructions before beginning the process
  • Hiring Manager launches a New On-boarding Quest Form and fills it out
  • Upon completion, Quest creates follow up tasks on a question-by-question basis
  • New on-boarding Quest form creates a series of Cases based on the selected values and assigns them to the appropriate person based on the Quest configuration
  • These cases tell the assignees to take the necessary actions to On-board employee
  • Review status of on-boarding employee by reviewing the report that shows progress based upon the status of cases

Functional Setup:

  • Configure report to pull information from associated On-boarding Cases
  • Add filters such as Assignees, Category, Due Date, Etc
  • Interview On-boarding stakeholders to determine what needs to be completed during On-boarding a New employee and capture in the Quest form
  • Configure each Quest line item to be routed to a person based upon role or to Hopper
  • Create On-boarding Case type with different categories of On-boarding (i.e.; Training, IT Fulfillment, HR)
  • Connect Departments to AD either via Read/Write or just Read
  • Articulate how each different department will go about fulfilling their on-boarding duties for new employees

Best Practices:

  • An employee directory lays out the roles and responsibilities of each employee in the company
  • This allows for multiple layers of visibility and minimizes any confusion when delegating tasks
  • Great to get a head start on this organization by doing it immediately upon hiring
  • Privacy controls may be added so that certain employee information is only visible to HR, while other information may be viewed by anyone within the company
  • Know that any part of this on-boarding processes can be as visible or invisible as desired depending who the person is interacting with the system
  • By associating Cases to employees, unresolved Cases can are completely visible thus the bottlenecks can quickly be identified and taken care of when they occur

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