STEMMONS Participation Groups

Participation Groups

Within companies there is always various groups that people will affiliate themselves with. Whether it be the company softball team, the safety committee, or the executive branch committee; Central will keep track of each person and the group they belong to. This way cases, projects or announcements for that group can be easily associated with it.

User Experience:

  • Participation group entity type is created
  • Employees are associated with the groups or committees to which they belong to
  • Cast creates and assigns cases to everyone involved with a particular group
  • Every member of a particular group all receive their respective cases to be accomplished

Functional Setup:

  • Participation Group Entity type must be created
  • Groups and committees must be entered in Entities
  • Employees must be associated by role or participation to their respective groups or committees
  • Cast is to be configured to assign recurring tasks to team members within a particular group
  • Case types for participation group assignments must be created

Best Practices:

  • It is important to associate roles within the participation groups (leadership, team members, etc)
  • Cast cases do not necessarily need to be recurring, they can be sent manually by a team leader when action is necessary my group members, acknowledgment cases are a good example of this

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