STEMMONS Performance Review

Performance Review

A crucial aspect of a company's success is the performance of its employees. Keeping track of each employees performance is a difficult task and the responsibility of the manager of each department. Central helps to manage this process by creating periodic assignments for managers to review their employees' performance and hold a meeting with each of them to review their performance. Using information from Cases and Quest, information about an employees performance can all be visualized and reported on in a central place, thus facilitating the conversation between employee and manager.

User Experience:

  • CAST creates and assigns case to manager periodically for them to review their employee's performance
  • Manager reviews instructions in standards on the proper procedure for the performance review process and best practices
  • Employee performance report is composed of various information from Cases, Quest and other external parameters
  • Manager reviews report and noticed topics which need to be addressed
  • Manager and employee meet to discuss performance report
  • Any necessary action needed after meeting will be assigned to the employee by the manager

Functional Setup:

  • CAST must be configured to create and assign performance review cases on a periodic basis
  • Case type for performance review and follow up tasks must be created
  • Instructions for completing the review process and best practices must be created and documented in Standards
  • Report encompassing necessary statistics to review performance must be created
  • Managers must be associated with their role and employees in Departments

Best Practices:

  • Reports must include any employee statistic that is of value to the managers and the Company
  • When manager meets with employee, begin by reviewing the positive points of the performance review before touching on necessary improvements
  • If manager notices a consistent trend among employees that need improvement, a team meeting should be held to ensure everyone is informed and adjusts accordingly

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