STEMMONS Property Acquisition

Property Acquisition

Acquiring a new property requires well-thought out decision making. This decision making is supported by the organization of applicable documents in one place and tasks driven by the case management system. The result is the ability to thoroughly review all factors that affect the decision to acquire a property in an effective way.

User Experience:

  • Identify a target Property and log it in Entities
  • Create Case and assign to analyst to run Due Diligence process on new target property
  • Case includes instructions documented in Standards and link to Quest form
  • Quest is used as Case Launcher to create cases for each “to-do” listed in Quest form
  • Assignees receive cases to complete Due Diligence task
  • All Due Diligence tasks and results can be collated and analyzed in Target Property Review in FACTS, decision to buy is based on Findings in Due Diligence Process.

Functional Setup:

  • Entities: Create an Entity Type for Prospective Property
  • Quest: Define all Due Diligence tasks to purchase properties
  • Cases: Create Case type for Property Acquisitions with category to track stage of process
  • Standards: Describe due diligence process and instructions on how to carry out each due diligence action item.

Best Practices:

  • Reports can be configured to investigate the overall health of the Property Acquisition process
  • Enable connection between document management system and Central
  • Note documents and associated financial data (from accounting system) can be pulled into reports in FACTS so see holistic view of all relevant information needed to make proper decision

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