STEMMONS Property Takeover

Property Takeover

Acquiring a new property requires multiple players to carryout tasks. These tasks are easily allocated using the case launcher aspect of Quest upload and tracked using the system reporting capabilities. The tracking is a key aspect to the Property Takeover process as it enables targeted discussions around efficiency, resource allocation, and takeover progress.

User Experience:

  • Asset Manager is assigned a Case to launch Property Takeover Process for newly acquired property with link to Standards and Quest 
  • Property Takeover process is described with Standards 
  • Quest is used as a case launcher with list of all necessary action-items needed to complete a Property Takeover
  • Property Takeover status report can be taken from FACTS at any time 
  • Case can be created if any necessary action is needed to follow up analysis 

Functional Setup:

  • Case: Create Property Takeover Case Type 
  • Quest: Define action items necessary to takeover Property, configure each line item’s threshold to properly route each case to correct employee 
  • Departments: Ensure all employees titles and roles are correct in departments 
  • FACTS: Design report to pull data from case statuses associated to Property Takeover

Best Practices:

  • Configure the report to be valuable to various stakeholders. For example, upper management may want a higher-level over view of the Property Takeover Status, whereas direct managers may want to see which employees are behind and need help to complete their tasks
  • Create different Quest forms depending on the type of takeover

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