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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance issues surface across an enterprise, each posing a unique set of issues to be reviewed and analyzed. Whether rolling a product off of a production line, compiling code from software development efforts, verifying an office build-out, or finalizing a completed service; a review of the process needs to be conducted for quality. Central manages such QA life cycle by enabling dynamic checklists, task assignments, and reporting capabilities. 

User Experience:

  • Cases are sent to Quality QA Testers to carryout QA analysis as described in each Quest checklist.
  • Standards define the details of each testing process.
  • QA Tester completes Quest checklist form.
  • Follow up Cases are assigned to the appropriate people to take action on items that did not fulfill QA requirements. 

Functional Setup:

  • Create Entity Role relationships within Departments indicating who the proper person to carry out the QA is.
  • Case type created for QA with appropriate categories depending upon which type of QA it is.
  • Create a category specific Quest form for each QA including unique and relevant checklists; configure thresholds to automate Case generation and assignment.
  • Create supporting Standards documentation for each category specific Quest for each QA including unique and relevant checklists. 

Best Practices:

  • Standardize Quest form questions for consistency across the enterprise.
  • Use System Codes to connect fields that include similar and commonly viewed information.
  • They are extremely helpful in generating reports and in rendering lists containing multiple Entity and Case Types.
  • Systematic testing can occur at any stage as Quest forms are highly configurable and can be adjusted in accordance with the development stage.
  • QA testing during production can minimize resistance by end-users and maximize adoption.
  • The most common development mistakes to be identified by way of reports and can support discussion around developer training. 

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