STEMMONS Security Assignment

Security Assignment

In order for a company's security department to do their job properly all employees must be in constant communication about issues and be very organized. Reports from employees or clients about security issues must be addressed quickly and management of new security measures must be organized. Central allows for all security requests, tasks or assignments to be managed efficiently to maintain the Company and its employees safe.

User Experience:

  • An employee or client reports a security issue and requests that it be investigated
  • Company manager requests that a certain security measure such as installing more cameras or adding more security at particular location
  • Security guards are assigned to a location for them to patrol
  • For any of the above circumstances a Security assignment case is created and assigned to the Security Hopper
  • From there the security manager will assign the case to specific person in order to resolve case
  • All Security requests and cases are reported for managers to review activity

Functional Setup:

  • Security case type must be created
  • Head of security should be assigned as Hopper manager
  • Report must be created to display all activity involving the security department for managers to observe activity and identify trends
  • Security employees should be associated to their particular location assignment in Departments

Best Practices:

  • Whenever an issue is reported it should be followed up until it is resolved, including various times after to ensure no repetition of problem exists
  • Managers can analyze reports to identify where additional security might be needed, or less security
  • Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately
  • Contact 911 for any immediate emergencies

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