STEMMONS Skills and Certification Inventory Management

Skills and Certification Inventory Management

Maintaining a certain level of know-how amongst employees can be challenging, especially in larger organizations. However, Skills and Certifications of employees can now be documented and associated to employees within Central. This enables more ease in resource allocation, ability to communicate when re-certification is required, and supports compensation decision-making.

User Experience:

  • Add new skills and/or certifications to Entities
  • Associate skills and certifications in Departments to appropriate people
  • Set CAST to create a case every six months to run the Certification Expiration Analysis
  • Analyst refers to instructions in Standards on what to analyze and the action to take upon analysis
  • Analyst reviews Certification report in FACTS to identify expirations coming up within the next six months
  • Case request employee to renew certification before expiration with Supervisor’s approval
  • Report available to communicate skills and certification in FACTS by department, employee, certification expiration, at all times for ad-hoc analysis.

Functional Setup:

  • Entities: Create entity type for skill and certifications
  • Departments: Configure entity associations to skill and certifications
  • FACTS: Design reports to communicate data regarding current and expiring skills and communication amongst work force
  • Standards: Document information about recommended certifications for employees, as well as, any analysis to be carried out against Skill and Certification information. For example, Certification Expiration Analysis
  • CAST: Set CAST to run job at desired frequency to run Certification Expiration Analysis
  • Case: Configure case type for Employee Management with Category dropdown “Certification

Best Practices:

  • Compensation decision making can be influenced by the results of skills and certifications as listed out in reportsStrategically build project teams based on skills and certifications of employee pool.

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