STEMMONS Standard IT Equipment Procurement

Standard IT Equipment Procurement

Basic IT equipment is ordered for employees on a regular basis and is budgeted for at the end of every fiscal year. However, tracking approvals, logging purchased equipment and ensuring purchase has occurred in a timely fashion is difficult without the proper systems in place. Central can solve for all of this. 

User Experience:

  • Employees request new equipment and assign to supervisors for approval
  • Once approved, case is assigned to IT Hopper
  • Instructions are available for the IT Help Desk employees on Company Standards for ordering new equipment 
  • Equipment is ordered and provided to original requester, Case is updated and closed accordingly
  • New equipment is logged in the Equipment Entity Type 
  • Assign the equipment to the Employee by Role in Departments
  • At any time, equipment assignments can be viewed in the IT Equipment Assignment Report

Functional Setup:

  • Create Help Desk Case type with category for Equipment Request
  • Articulate the way in which to order the different types of Company equipment and document in Standards
  • Create Entity type for IT equipment with desired meta-data fields to capture information about equipment that the company feels is important
  • Configure Entity Role relationships between IT Equipment Entity type and IT Equipment Roles
  • Configure a report to pull information from Department and display which employee is associated to which IT equipment

Best Practices:

  • Assign roles to employees and associate with their supervisors or person authorized to approve equipment requests
  • Create a Hopper so that any available IT personnel can take ownership of the equipment request and it is accomplished in a timely manner. Also, assign a person to the Hopper to make sure no cases sit for too long
  • Having an approved list of vendors and related equipment that each can provide will allow for the process to be simplified by reducing the vetting process
  • Company approved procedure for the procurement process must be well documented in Standards so that the task is accomplished efficiently and correctly
  • Inventory of equipment and to whom each item is assigned to will ensure that all equipment is accounted for and the correct person held responsible for any issues
  • Proper reporting will ensure that equipment is well maintained for in order to prolong its working lifecycle

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