STEMMONS Tenant Information Change

Tenant Information Change

Maintaining updated tenant and client information is important for a Company in order to be able to communicate with them efficiently. Central will facilitate the tracking of information change requests in order to ensure that all information is up to date. This can be done by an information request change, an employee noticing an error in information or a recurring analysis of information.

User Experience:

  • Case is created requesting for inforamtion of a tenant to be updated
  • Case is assigned to the leasing agent or property manager responsible for that particular tenant
  • Tenant inforamtion is updated and stored within Entities
  • CAST can be created in order to create a case for periodic check in with tenants and verify contact information

Functional Setup:

  • Tenant information change case type must be created
  • CAST must be configured for recurring case creation
  • Entity type for tenant must be created 
  • Leasing agents or property managers must be associated to tenants in Departments and Entities

Best Practices:

  • If an employee, at any time, realizes that a tenant's information has changed, they should created an information change case in order to have the information updated
  • When a tenant's information is updated, property managers should be notified of change
  • It is good practice to verify contact information any time a tenant is checked in on

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