STEMMONS Tenant Move In

Tenant Move In

Whenever a tenant is to move into a space, the management company will ensure that the leased space is delivered in good condition. This involves various tasks for various departments. Central allows for all move-in tasks that to be assigned to various departments and be closely monitored by property manager to ensure everything is completed and is ready for new tenant.

User Experience:

  • Case is created and assigned to Property manager to launch Move In process
  • Quest form is used as a case launcher
  • Cases are assigned to various employees in various departments for them to complete move in tasks
  • Instructions on how to complete every task assigned are provided in Standards
  • Status and progress of all Move In tasks are reported and can be reviewed by property manager
  • Manager can decide if additional action is necessary after reviewing report and follow up cases are created as necessary

Functional Setup:

  • Move in case type must be created
  • Quest form must be created and configured to create and assign various cases as necessary
  • Instructions on how to complete every task assigned must be created and documented in Standards
  • Report to show status of move in cases and overall project progress must be created
  • Property managers must be associated to the particular property to be moved into along with the tenant moving into space

Best Practices:

  • If any tasks are already completed, ensure that they are unselected in the Quest form in order to avoid creating unnecessary cases
  • Move In case must be kicked off with plenty of time before the tenant is said to move in so that everything can be completed before move in
  • Any construction projects should not be included in the move in process, they should be separate projects and be done before the move in process begins

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