STEMMONS Tenant Request

Tenant Request

When managing properties there will always be particular requests made by tenants. These requests can be captured and created into cases in order for them to be managed and resolved in the most timely and efficient manner. Central evaluates the request made and associates it with employees and their role relationships in order to route the request to the correct person from the beginning.

User Experience:

  • Tenant request is made via phone call, web portal or in person and information is registered into the system
  • Case is generated and assigned to particular person or departments dependent on meta data
  • Instructions on how to accomplish task are documented in Standards
  • Reports will include status of tenant requests and tenant request trends based on various aspects
  • Analysts or managers can review reports and consult with Company Standards and determine if action is needed
  • Case is created in order to address any necessary action

Functional Setup:

  • Web portal must be configured to automatically generate a case when submitted on the website
  • Case type for tenant request must be created
  • Instructions for tenant request procedures must be created and documented in Standards
  • Report showing tenant requests, their progress and trends for each property must be created
  • Company expectations and standards must be well documented within Standards
  • Case type for any necessary action item must be created

Best Practices:

  • Having different categories for types of requests will help in assigning the case more efficiently
  • Whenever a request is received via phone call or in person it must be registered and case created as soon as possible to avoid the request getting delayed or lost
  • Create reports that encompass useful information like time since request and # of requests per property or employee

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