STEMMONS Ticket Request

Ticket Request

Whenever a company has season tickets to a concert hall or sporting event it will usually extend those benefits to their employees. These are given to employees by means of requesting usually on a first come first serve basis. Central will track all in requests therefore it is very easy for the marketing department to verify which request came in before others, thus avoiding any issues.

User Experience:

  • Employees request tickets on company website by completing web form
  • Case is created and assigned to Marketing
  • Marketing employee analyzes all requests and awards tickets to requests in the order they were received until no more are available

Functional Setup:

  • Web form must be configured to create case for ticket request
  • Ticket Request case type must be created
  • Marketing employee must be assigned to monitor ticket requests

Best Practices:

  • Employee should submit their requests as soon as possible to guarantee they will receive tickets

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