STEMMONS Train Track Questions

Train Track Questions

Employee learning and training programs are usually online videos and courses. Whenever an employee has a question or issue with accessing the learning material they contact the learning development department. Central allows for all issues to be organized and assigned accordingly in order for requests or concerns to be resolved in a timely manner and employees can complete their necessary training.

User Experience:

  • Employee with question or concern will consult Standards for instructions on how to submit request to learning Development department
  • Case is created and assigned to Learning and Development Hopper, Where Learning Development employee will take ownership of it
  • If additional action is needed from another employee, Learning and development employee will assign case accordingly
  • Issue or concern is resolved and case is closed

Functional Setup:

  • Instructions on how to report concern or issue must be created and documented in Standards
  • Train Track question case type must be created along with Learning and Development Hopper
  • Learning and Development Hopper manager must be assigned

Best Practices:

  • Employee assigned to manage the Hopper should be familiar with which employees in the department are able to resolve certain cases in order to assign the cases accordingly
  • Adding categories within the case will aid in sorting the case type and therefore making assigning of the case an easier process

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