STEMMONS Unit Move Out

Unit Move Out

When a tenant moves out of a unit, the move out process must be carried out in order to do everything necessary for that unit to be ready for any future tenants. By using Stemmons Central, one simple action can initiate a wide range of necessary tasks for respective departments in order to make a unit ready for its new tenant.

User Experience:

  • Case is kicked off by Property Manager for move out procedure
  • Instructions for the proper procedure for this process can be found in Standards
  • A Quest for checklist is used as a case launcher 
  • Individual departmental cases are assigned for different processes that need to be accomplished during move out
  • Once process is finished, documentation can be stored in a 3rd party document manager or within entities for future reference
  • Reports will track progress of the move out process

Functional Setup:

  • Case type for move out must be created along with case types for each department-specific case that will be assigned
  • Instructions for company approved procedure for move out must be documented in Standards
  • Quest should be configured to serve as a case launcher, including every necessary task that might be included in the move out
  • Entities must be configured so that there is an entity type for each type of document that will be stored within it
  • If a third party document manager is to be used the connection between Stemmons and it must be created
  • Create reports in order to track progress of move out process

Best Practices:

  • If documents are to be stored within entities make sure there is a common reference number throughout all documents tin order to easily identify them
  • Ensure Quest form is through and encompasses all necessary aspects of the process
  • Make sure that instructions are clear and detailed

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