STEMMONS Web Contact

Web Contact

When there is information being requested by an external source it is easily integrated into Stemmons via a web portal. This way outside entities such as potential clients, new vendors or someone who has a question or request can input information directly into the system. This then gets assigned to the correct person in order to produce a result in a more efficient and timely manner.

User Experience:

  • An information request is made form an external entity through a web portal
  • A case is generated by the web portal and assigned to responsible party depending on information provided
  • Employee who has the case assigned to them will consult Standards on how to proceed and provide information
  • Stratus of cases and trends are captured and reported on in FACTS

Functional Setup:

  • Web portal must be configured to create a case and assign to respective personnel
  • Case types for web contact must be created
  • Instructions on how to accomplish task and provide information must be created and documented in Standards
  • Reports must be created and formatted in order to capture useful data showing progress and trends

Best Practices:

  • Having different categories for types of requests will help in assigning the case more efficiently
  • Create reports that encompass useful information like time since request and # of requests per property or employee

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