STEMMONS Account Management QA

Account Management QA

Account management becomes simplified with monthly reminders to select and execute action items to keep a sharp supervision on accounts. Cast will launch and assign Cases routinely for inspections of various Entities. Standards will provide proper company procedure for Account QA inspections/ follow ups. Quest will register inspection results and reassign cases if follow up or other action is necessary. 

User Experience:

  • Create a job to run at set time of each month and assign account QA cases based on roles for each account.
  • Cast creates various account QA Cases which are assigned to the appropriate person based on Role.
  • These Cases ask person to conduct QA inspections for their accounts.
  • Each case will include a link to instructions related to conducting the Account QA inspection.
  • Assignees will read instructions before beginning inspection.
  • Assignees perform the Account QA inspection and will complete a Quest form.
  • Dependent on information input, Quest can create and assign new Cases.
  • If Quest determines that action/ follow up is necessary, it will create and assign new Cases to the appropriate person in order to accomplish and close Case. 

Functional Setup:

  • Create appropriate instructions on Standards to match particular inspection to be performed.
  • Create a Quest form for each type of account QA inspection.
  • Include appropriate thresholds.
  • Create or verify appropriate Roles as needed in Entities to accommodate the assignment of follow up cases.
  • Assign appropriate roles of individuals in Departments such that follow-up Cases are properly routed.
  • Create or identify existing case types to accommodate follow-up tasks that are created automatically or manually. 

Best Practices:

  • Periodic schedule for Cast but be designed in order to optimize the analysis of the QA process.
  • Ensure that employees and roles are properly assigned within Departments.
  • Associate employees that are to manage certain accounts in order for them to be able to keep track of the accounts they are responsible for.
  • Company expectations for Account management QA procedure should be properly documented within Standards, this way account managers can focus on areas that need more work.
  • A detailed Quest form will ensure that every aspect of the QA inspection is reported and analyzed.
  • Follow up tasks for negative remarks resulting from the inspection must be prepared according to the Company’s standards. 

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