STEMMONS Account QA Track II (Pitching)

Account QA Track II (Pitching)

In order to ensure that the accounts are being managed in the proper fashion, Stemmons will issue Cases at a determined time period every week, month or quarter to ensure account managers accomplish certain action items for their clients.

User Experience:

  • Cast will generate cases to specific managers at a set time every month 
  • The respective account QA cases are assigned to account managers 
  • Managers can refer to the company's instructions for the best practice for action and complete cases

Functional Setup:

  • If not already existing, create Entity type and Entities, Role category of Director, and Role category of Account Manager 
  • Set up cast to create and assign tasks at a predetermined and continuous time of each month 
  • Associate Account Managers with respective clients.
  • Best practice for action must be documented and available to Account Managers.

Best Practices:

  • Company’s best practices regarding Quality Assurance procedures and expectations must be well documented in Standards 
  • Consistency is key when creating the Cases that are to be launched periodically by Cast, this will ensure that every aspect of the QA process is completed and reported 
  • Periodic launch of tasks using Cast must be programmed to maximize the analysis of the QA process as outlined in the Company’s Standards

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