STEMMONS Acknowledgment


It is very common for companies to have to communicate certain messages to all, or a large portion, of its employees about a certain event or request. Central simplifies this task by allowing the user to send messages dependent on employee role relationships. Whether the message is being sent to all employees, the volunteering committee, all executive board members or the marketing department; individual cases are assigned to individuals in order for them to acknowledge the receipt of the message. The statistics of employee acknowledgment of the message can be tracked live using reports.

User Experience:

  • Employee sending out acknowledgment case will create a Cast case and send out to specified parties
  • Employees will receive case, open case, and close once they acknowledge the information provided
  • If Case requests action, employees will consult Standards in order to review the procedure they should follow to accomplish action and close case
  • The progress of employees who have acknowledged or completed their task is tracked in reports
  • Analysts can review the progress of cases that have been closed and using company procedures, assign additional cases to people if necessary

Functional Setup:

  • CAST must be configured to send out to employees or groups decided by case creator
  • Acknowledgment case type must be created
  • Instructions on how to accomplish any task that might be assigned by CAST creator must be created and documented in Standards
  • Reports for analysis of cases closed must be created
  • Company expectations must be documented for analyists to review

Best Practices:

  • Ensure that instructions for person receiving are clear on how they should respond to case
  • Report must be configured to capture the acknowledgments and be able to identified the exceptions
  • If case will call for action, ensure proper procedure is documented in Standards

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