STEMMONS Analytics Project

Analytics Project

For any work process that calls for a report being created, there must be some design and planning put into the creation of the report in order for it to report necessary data properly. A case is created with information about what kind of report is to be made. This is followed by collaboration from multiple involved parties including the department that will sponsor and monitor report until it is completed and deployed into the system.

User Experience:

  • Case is created requesting an analysis report be created
  • Instructions on the proper procedure for creating a report are available in Standards
  • Team members included in the report creation all collaborate to decide on report content and format
  • Report is completed and deployed for analysis
  • CAST is configured to create a case after predetermined time to update report if necessary
  • Team members meet and collaborate on the changes or improvements that need to be made to the report
  • Final report is completed and published

Functional Setup:

  • Case type for analysis project and report update must be created
  • Criteria and procedures for creating a report must be created and documented in Standards
  • Team that will be in charge of working to create this report must be decided on
  • The type of reporting tool that is to be used must be decided
  • CAST mus be configured to create case at a predetermined time in order to update project

Best Practices:

  • Ensure that team members involved in the creation process are familiar with data that will be included in the report
  • This process works best if the employees creating the report will be the ones utilizing it once it is finished, this way they know what they would like to see in te report and how it would be best displayed

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