STEMMONS Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management

Enterprises tend to have various applications that are available to their employees. Central can help with keeping track of the different applications and keep their licenses up to date in order to avoid interruption. 

User Experience:

  • Capture applications within Entities. Include contract documentation, support resources, user lists, support resources, etc
  • In Departments, associate application licensed users to employees
  • Instructions on how to get a license for application and how to utilize it to employees are available in Standards
  • The report will show who has been assigned a license, whether the employee is still active, or any upcoming license expiration
  • Set recurring analysis to run report to identify upcoming license expiration
  • Analyst receives request to complete Licensing analysis with instructions provided
  • Instructions on how to access the report and what to look for are in Standards

Functional Setup:

  • Create Entity Types and related meta-data fields for applications
  • Key concepts include: application, application contract, license end date, license count, vendor, vendor contract, etc
  • Associate Employee Roles with Applications
  • Create CAST job based on Company preferences to have Application Licenses reviewed
  • Create Case Types to incorporate applications and the associated meta-data
  • Schedule regular License Analysis Cases for expiration, utilization, and support
  • Write instructions around how the License Analysis will be performed
  • Configure License Analysis Report to capture information from Entities and Departments (i.e.; who has a license and for which application) 

Best Practices:

  • Interview stakeholders for Application information to be captured, i.e. define meta-data
  • Establish universal lists and create External Data Sources in Entities to force the normalization of values associated with Application, Vendors, and other reportable fields
  • Especially in larger or more distributed companies, the ability to revisit the results of these searches in a structured way becomes very valuable
  • Use System Codes to connect fields that include similar and commonly viewed information
  • They are extremely helpful in generating reports and in rendering lists containing multiple Entity and Case Types

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