STEMMONS Backup Testing Process

Backup Testing Process

Usually data and information which a company has stored, both on site on a server or off site in the cloud, is information that is crucial for the company to operate. Because of this that data is constantly being backed up to alternate locations in case of a disaster or loss of data. Continuous testing to ensure the systems in charge of data backup is crucial to avoid any information from being lost. Central aids in keeping a close control of the routine and results in the testing of theses processes.

User Experience:

  • CAST creates a case for testing on a continuous basis and assigns to appropriate person
  • Assigned tester receives case to test the backup process and report results
  • Instructions for the teting process are provided in Standards
  • Tester will use a Quest form as an inspection checklist in order to ensure every aspect of the process is working properly
  • If anything is not working properly, Quest will automatically create and assign case for the issue to be resolved
  • The status of each testing case and the results of each inspection can be monitored and analyzed using FACTS
  • Any additional follow up cases are created and assigned accordingly

Functional Setup:

  • Create entity type for backup system and role for backup manager
  • assign individual to each backup system in the role of backup manager
  • Create case type for IT operations with a category of Test Backups
  • Create and document instructions in Standards for testing the backup process, create appropriate book if necessary
  • Create backup testing Quest form for each backup test
  • Create case types for any additional follow up cases created by the Quest form

Best Practices:

  • Supervisors should keep a close eye on the testing cases that have been completed and increase priority on the ones that are over due in order to ensure no chance of data loss
  • Make sure all Quest forms for testing backup process include the same parameters in order for testing to be consistent
  • Instructions on what to look for and how to complete a proper process test must be well documented so that nothing goes untested

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