STEMMONS Commission Request

Commission Request

Whenever a sale is made, there is usually a commission that is owed to a particular person. By using Central, brokers can manage their sales team's commission requests efficiently and have their employees paid in a timely manner.

User Experience:

  • Sales employee consults Standards for proper procedure for requesting commission payment
  • Sales employee creates case with necessary information and assigns to manager for approval
  • manager consults Standards in order to understand the thresholds for approval and double check that quantities are correct
  • Once approved, manager assigns to accounting Hopper for payment processing
  • Accounting employee will take ownership of case and initiate processing of commission
  • Sales Employee receives their commission
  • Reporting of sales commissions and overall performance can be done for analysis
  • Once all is approved and paid, documents can be stored within Entities or in an integrated 3rd party document storage system

Functional Setup:

  • Proper commission request must be created and documented in Standards
  • Procedure and parameters that approving managers need to look for must be decided on a dn documented in Standards
  • Case types of commission requests and accounting hopper must be created
  • Employee roles and approval limits must be registered in Departments
  • Report must be created in order to capture sales numbers and performance
  • Entity type for document storage or integration with 3rd party system must be created

Best Practices:

  • Ensure procedure in Standards ar clear so that employees include all information from the beginning and process flows more smooth
  • If documents are to be divided into various types, more meta data fields must be added to each entity and assigned a relationship
  • Report can include not only commission reporting but also overall sales performance by market and employee
  • An employee with low work load should be assigned to manage the hopper so that cases a routed appropriately quickly

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