STEMMONS Credit Card Dispute

Credit Card Dispute

At companies or businesses where credit card payments are a common form of payment, there comes a time when customers disagree with a charge on their card. When this is the case the establishment must work closely with the credit card company to resolve. Establishment must confirm  the amount that should have been charged to customer and compare with credit card company statements. Central can track and manage this process in order for any parties involved to provide any necessary information an resolve issue in a timely manner.

User Experience:

  • Customer contacts establishment and disputes a credit card charge
  • Employee consults Standards for instructions on how to proceed with dispute
  • Case is created and assigned to accounting to confirm charge amount
  • If amount is correct, case is assigned to manager to contact customer and explain charges
  • If an error is found, credit card company is consulted in order to correct charge amount on statement
  • Once case is resolved case is assigned to manager to contact customer to explain changes made and apologize for mistake
  • Information about all dispute cases can be reported on for review by managers
  • New cases can be created in order to address problem areas that may be causing erroneous charges to be made

Functional Setup:

  • Dispute case type must be created
  • Instructions on how employees should handle a dispute claim must be created and documented in Standards
  • Report to analyze all dispute cases and their causes must be created
  • Entity types for credit card companies and their contacts must be created and associated

Best Practices:

  • Employee receiving the dispute, regardless of circumstance must communicate to the customer that they  will look into it and reach back promptly
  • If credit card disputes are recurring about the same type of charge, management should look into the reason for this and correct
  • Managers should consider all options to ensure that customer si satisfied at the end of the day in order to promote repeat business and referrals

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