Managing all customer interactions and activity become very managing unless all aspects of it are very organized. By utilizing Central to structural all data revolving around a customer, any relevant information can be displayed and accessed all in one place. Furthermore, all of the activity and action items related to a specific customer can be reported on and analyzed.

User Experience:

  • Instructions and procedures onm how to capture all relevant data about a customer is available in Standards
  • All desired information related to the customer is recorded in its respective Entity type. These include Company, Contact, Opportunity, Contact Role, Opportunity Update and Location
  • A CRM case is created for any action item that relates to the customer or any of its associated Entities.
  • Report can be run displaying all activity and interactions regarding the customer at any time.

Functional Setup:

  • Entity types for the following must be created: Company, Contact, Contact Role, Location, Opportunity, and Opportunity Update
  • All relevant entities must be associated to the Company Entity so that all information is displayed in one place
  • Associate Contacts to Opportunity by Role Utilizing Contact Role
  • CRM case type must be created
  • Instructions and procedures on how to capture all relevant data and manage action items around them must bve created and documented in Standards
  • Report displayed all desired information about the customer, their activity and their interactions must be created


Best Practices:

  • By adding contact roles to contacts, you will be able to view all relevant people related to an opportunity or project
  • Even if a customer is an individual, it is important that their information is captured in both the Company and the Contact Entity in order to guarantee that the Contact Entity information is accurate and complete.

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