STEMMONS Equipment Inspection, Repair & Disposition

Equipment Inspection, Repair & Disposition

Equipment maintenance is very important in any company. The upkeep of any machinery, big or small, must be well documented and closely monitored. Central allows for programmed inspections and guides in the decision to repair or decommission a piece of equipment when necessary. 

User Experience:

  • Set up quarterly inspection of equipment
  • Inspection interval can be adjusted based on Company Standards
  • Case is assigned to equipment inspector to go inspect equipment
  • Instructions on how to inspect in alignment with Company standards are kept in Standards
  • Inspector uses Quest form as a guide on what to look for during an inspection
  • Inspection results based on Quest form are kept in Facts 
  • Department head, or analyst, can view this report and make decisions on whether to keep, repair or dispose of equipment
  • A case is created if equipment needs to be repaired or disposed of
  • Every pieces of equipment not disposed of after every inspection period should be logged in Entities, along with any maintenance notes

Functional Setup:

  • Cast will create and assign Cases to inspector at a set periodical time frame
  • Company Standards for equipment condition and safety requirements will be kept in Standards
  • Quest form must be created with equipment condition/safety standards to be used as checklist
  • An Entity type for equipment must be created and all equipment documented within it
  • Configure reports to show results of inspections in order to determine equipment’s future

Best Practices:

  • Periodic Cast schedule must be optimized for equipment maintenance according to Company Standards
  • Procedure for equipment maintenance inspection and/or repair must be well documented in Standards in order for personnel to accomplish repair or inspection properly and efficiently
  • Quest form must be prepared which encompasses all necessary key aspects of an inspection both before and after a repair is necessary
  • Create a Hopper so that any available IT personnel can take ownership of the equipment request and it is accomplished in a timely manner. Also, assign a person to the Hopper to make sure no cases sit in Hopper for too long
  • Inventory of equipment and to whom each item is assigned to will ensure that all equipment is accounted for and the correct person held responsible for any issues
  • Proper reporting will ensure that equipment is well maintained for in order to prolong its working lifecycle

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