STEMMONS General Approval

General Approval

Within every enterprise there are actions, requests or projects that need to be approved by a higher authority. By using Central to manage the assignment of each approval request, they can all be directed to the correct person and approved, or denied, accordingly. If rejected, Supervisors can inform team members of necessary actions needed before approval or reasoning behind rejection of request.

User Experience:

  • Employee creates an approval case and assigns to manager with approval power
  • Manager reviews qualifications and company standards in order to decide whether to grant approval or reject request
  • If approved employee can begin the process that was requested
  • Quest can be used to launch cases in order to accomplish various tasks associated with the request
  • Cases are assigned to individuals in order to accomplish necessary tasks
  • If request is denied, manager can provide feeback as to the reason or if any action is to be taken before approval
  • By analyzing the progress of tasks, the need for additional action can be created and assigned

Functional Setup:

  • Approval case type must be created
  • Approval standards must be clearly outlines for approval decisions
  • Manager approval limits must be registered in Departments
  • Quest form for specific tasks or projects must be created
  • Report for task progress analysis must be created
  • Standards on what analysts should look for in the progress reports must be documented

Best Practices:

  • Employees must ensure that they have all necessary information before submitting an approval to increase their chances of a request approval
  • Approval conditions should be clearly outlined in order for approving managers to make a decision quickly
  • Ensure Quest form encompasses all necessary aspects of the action or project that needs to be accomplished

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