STEMMONS Hotel Guest Service

Hotel Guest Service

Customer feedback is the most important source of customer satisfaction data that a hotel can have. Collecting this information and its communication to upper management within the hotel is very important. This will prompt issues to be resolved and employees needing to be corrected or praised about their actions to meet with their supervisors. Central allows this information to be collected from various sources and directed in the correct direction in order to be acknowledged.

User Experience:

  • Guest submits a review on website through web form
  • Guest provides feedback directly to front desk or staff member
  • Case is created, either automatically by web form, or by employee receiving feedback and assigns to General Manager
  • General Manager receives information and decides on how to proceed
  • If the is an issue that needs to be resolved, the appropriate employee is assigned the case
  • If a discussion with an employee, both good or bad, need to happen the manager will coordinate with employee

Functional Setup:

  • Guest Service case type must be created 
  • Web form on Hotel website must be created and configured to auto generate a case
  • Standards must be created and documented for any task assigned to an employee if action were to be necessary

Best Practices:

  • If there is good feedback provided, ensure that employees are notified
  • By publicly displaying good employee performance it will create some friendly employee competition and motivate other to perform better
  • Reports can be created in order for supervisors to notice trends in any issues that arise and address them from the source
  • Consider implementing an employee recognition program in order to inspire other employee to improve their performance

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